Revenue operations has rapidly emerged as a game-changing function for high-growth companies. But what exactly makes RevOps professionals passionate about their work?

We interviewed RevOps leaders across tech, SaaS, and services companies to uncover their favorite parts of the job.

Their insights revealed three major themes around the most rewarding aspects: strategic impact, problem-solving, and cross-functional collaboration.

Let’s explore why each area creates such engaging and fulfilling RevOps roles.

Strategic impact

The #1 praise from over 75% of leaders was around RevOps having an integral, strategic role in guiding business growth.

As John Hunt, Head of Enablement at Zappi, shared: “I love being able to identify an initiative, and actually make it come alive, all the way through impacting the bottom line.”

RevOps provides a unique vantage point to deeply understand company-wide objectives, spot opportunities, and drive strategic programs that accelerate revenue.

Jordan Shaheen, Head of RevOps at Candid, expanded:  “My favorite aspect of revenue operations is getting to be involved in so many different parts of the business.”

“We constantly have the full picture context. We constantly get to dabble in new things and help out in new ways. For me, that's what excites me and makes RevOps a meaningful job that's never boring.”

Rather than focusing on specific tasks, RevOps empowers professionals to connect the dots continually. They guide high-level decision-making based on the bird’s eye view of the business. 

Many leaders shared that it’s deeply gratifying to translate that comprehensive perspective into tangible business impact.

As one innovator put it: “The best part is being able to find patterns and data that point to the best possible direction to move our GTM strategy.”

By maintaining focus on overarching goals versus day-to-day minutiae, RevOps unlocks major value through growth initiatives.

As another leader explained: “I love how it allows us to prioritize projects based on the revenue impact of the organization and then carry through fully on those projects.”

RevOps enables strategists to spot the most pivotal programs and ensure they achieve maximum results.

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Additionally, nearly every RevOps leader pointed to creative problem-solving as a hugely rewarding aspect.

By continually assessing issues, spotting patterns in data, and brainstorming solutions, RevOps provides an outlet for intellectual engagement whilst driving real financial results.

Greg Larsen, VP RevOps at Eltropy, described it best: “I'm scanning the organization constantly for problems to solve.”

Whether tackling process kinks, tech limitations, ineffective enablement, poor alignment, or bottlenecks in the customer journey, RevOps delivers constant variety.

As one innovator put it, “the amount of unique problems to solve”, is what makes RevOps so exciting.

Unlike repetitive roles focused on specific tasks, RevOps empowers professionals to flex their intellectual muscles on diverse challenges. 

One leader shared that their favorite activity is: “Researching, developing, & implementing new revenue initiatives.”

By pioneering original ideas tailored to their company’s needs, RevOps cultivates fulfilling innovation. 

Additionally, several called out the thrill of bringing an initiative from concept to reality as a driving force for their passion, John Hunt followed this up, stating: “I love being able to identify an initiative, and actually make it come alive.”

Seeing programs morph from plans to scaled implementations with measurable impact creates deep engagement.

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Cross-functional collaboration

Furthermore, the wide scope of the role exposes RevOps professionals to diverse teams and initiatives where they can serve as the connective tissue for all departments.

Respondents appreciated this breaking down of silos and by bringing together different perspectives and specialized expertise, RevOps is able to foster an environment of collaborative innovation essential for revenue growth.

Unlike isolated roles, RevOps offers a comprehensive view of the organizational puzzle. As one VP stated, “It connects the dots”, allowing you to get “to know all sides of how our business works, enabling teams all around.”

Seeing how each piece comes together to drive the bottom line provides a truly unique and unmatched satisfaction.

Additionally, several leaders highlighted that the cross-functional nature delivers perpetual learning, with one respondent’s favorite aspect being the “breadth and ability to go both wide and deep.”

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With ongoing exposure to diverse teams and projects, RevOps enables intellectual growth in a range of areas from sales methodology to pricing strategy to customer segmentation and more.

For the lifelong learners, RevOps unlocks new skill-building opportunities each day.

It also opens up the opportunity for relationship building, with respondents noting this as one of the best parts of RevOps - the people.

As Greg Larsen leads, “I’m helping the people at the company achieve their goals, and achieve the success that they have. I'm minimizing the roadblocks and the difficulty of succeeding for others. 

“I love to see the impact it has on people's individual careers, individual roles, individual successes, and that's what drives me to RevOps.”
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Final thoughts

There you have it – insider views into why RevOps pros feel fulfilled and driven day in and day out, highlighting just what sets RevOps apart. 

It empowers professionals to comprehensively guide company strategy, flex analytical muscles to overcome obstacles and enable teammates through cross-functional collaboration.

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