On this episode of RevOps Unboxed, Sandy Robinson chats with Sandip Patil, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Cornerstone OnDemand, on creating and defining your organization's customer journey.

About our guest, Sandip Patil

Sandip's history of success in strategic business operations directly relates to his ability to foster business relationships, execute crucial strategic initiatives that make a difference to the bottom line, and develop predictive operational analytics for future success.

His professional focus on advancing company performance with strategic planning, business operations, digital marketing, market analytics, and process improvements underlines my approach to team leadership and project management.

Sandip brings dynamics and strategic leadership with experience that spans across various industries such as consumer electronics, SaaS, e-commerce, telecom, and ad-tech. He combines advanced analytical skills with innovative problem-solving to translate market data into enterprise-wide, customer-focused business strategies.

You can follow Sandip on LinkedIn here.

About our host, Sandy Robinson

Sandy is SVP of Revenue Operations at Patra Corporation, a revenue operations enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, revenue, operations, and revenue enablement.

Throughout her career, she's seen how revenue operations can make or break a company and is excited to share her knowledge and insights with you.

In each episode, she'll be talking with a revenue operations practitioner who will share their unique perspective on how they've transformed their revenue operations strategy.

She'll dive deep into their processes, challenges, and success stories to give you an inside look into the ever-changing world of revenue operations.

You can follow Sandy on LinkedIn here.

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