Here at ROA, we wanted to highlight the hard work of revenue operations professionals – that’s why we’ve collaborated with our community to recognize the revenue leaders who are making waves in the wider RevOps community. 

Each one is a revenue trailblazer who’s changing the game when it comes to revenue growth and GTM strategy.

If you’re looking for the revenue operations professionals who need to be on your radar this year, this is the place to be.

Big congrats to those featured, and without any further ado, let’s dive in!


Imani Chopin

Sr. Director of Revenue Operations and Enablement

Imani is an experienced professional in Revenue Operations for SaaS and IoT companies. And has been described as “integral to introducing the concept of RevOps to Brinks Home.”

Her expertise has allowed her company to become revenue-minded and think beyond the sales cycle. Catch Imani speaking at our Revenue Operations Summit in Austin next week to get your C-Suite on bought into a RevOps mindset.

Tierney Didier

Senior Director, Revenue Operations and Analytics

Tierney has been described as “a laser-focused leader.” She focuses on efficiency and empowerment to drive bottom-line revenue and opens opportunities for RevOps to solve problems in her organization.

With 15+ years of sales experience, Tierney spends her time giving back through mentoring and sharing her experience.

Roy Fisher

Director of Incentive Programs

Described as “a RevOps Star,” Roy contributes to the wider RevOps community by sharing informative job postings and insights. He fosters a culture of learning and mentorship by sharing his wealth of knowledge on LinkedIn.

Roy continues to make a positive impact on the revenue operations space with his open-minded approach to learning and his consistent support for others' success.

Beau Gardner

Head of RevOps

Beau has 10+ years of experience in operations management and has been described as “a rising talent” in RevOps who has had a big impact on the RevOps industry over the last few years. He has a unique understanding of the role HubSpot plays in RevOps.

Beau has thrived in his role at Planhub and has contributed his knowledge and expertise to the RevOps community.

Sara Guillotte

Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing Operations & Analytics

Sara’s mission is to leverage data quality, marketing automation, and analytics to support the growth and retention of Arkestro's customers, and subsequently has “blown the team away in her ability to be forward-thinking.”

She has been described as “passionate” and having a “get-it-done” attitude to her work and is certainly one to watch in the coming year.


Jordan Henderson

Director of Revenue Operations

Jordan is an experienced revenue leader with an extensive background in revenue operations and sales leadership. Perhaps best known for his RevOps memes, Jordan also shares his insights in an easily digestible format on LinkedIn and collates open job postings on his website to help the community advance.

Jeff Ignacio

Head of GTM Operations and Growth

Jeff is a passionate and results-driven revenue leader who shares his knowledge and insights into revenue operations and sales topics on LinkedIn and via his newsletter. He’s a widely respected GTM operations professional who is happy to help and mentor fellow operations pros.

Christina J.

VP of Revenue Operations

Christina has a “proven track record in driving revenue growth through strategic operational efficiency.” And takes a data-driven, innovative approach to problem-solving, which is a perfect fit for optimizing the revenue processes and enhancing overall organizational performance.

Tana Jackson

Global Director of Revenue Operations

Tana has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in revenue operations and has been described as “pouring herself into the details of the work, training, and people.” She’s engaged in the revenue operations community to mentor others and further her knowledge. And some would go as far as saying “everything she touches is a success.”


Sid Kumar

SVP RevOps

With over 20 years in the technology industry, Sid has extensive experience driving revenue growth, increasing profitability, and new customer acquisition. He is a trusted subject matter expert in high-velocity GTM models and regularly speaks at events to share his expertise with the wider RevOps community.

Greg Larsen

VP of Revenue Operations

Greg has an extensive background in sales and RevOps leadership and continues to push for RevOps integration into the C-Suite. He has been described as “the kind of leader that changes the entire culture of an organization with positive, personal engagements.”

Greg spends his time mentoring and sharing knowledge with the revenue operations community.

Sandip Patil

VP of Revenue Operations

Sandip has strong experience in leading global RevOps initiatives and is described as “going beyond just numbers to make a significant impact on his organization's revenue trajectory.” He’s a leader in the field of revenue operations and brings innovative ways to drive business growth and shares these insights with the community.

Scott Peyser

SVP of Revenue Operations

Scott is an energetic, results-driven leader with a reputation for building overachieving teams in the technology industry. His focus has been leading from the front in driving change and building a fun, inclusive culture empowered to challenge, nimble enough to quickly adjust, and led by a clear charter for success.

Scott shares this wealth of knowledge with the wider RevOps community through his LinkedIn presence.

Sandy Robinson

SVP, Revenue Operations & Enablement

You may recognize Sandy as the host of RevOps Unboxed, but she’s also been described as “a revenue operations rockstar.” She’s a passionate and inspirational RevOps leader who contributes her wealth of forward-thinking knowledge to the community through her online presence and work on the podcast.

Considered an “extraordinary expert in the field” by her peers, she was the most voted-for professional on this list. 👏


Anni Schleicher

Director, GTM and Field Readiness

Anni is a RevOps and GTM leader known for providing authentic senior leadership and transformative business solutions. She utilizes a combination of creativity and strategic thinking within Salesforce to drive significant value for her team and sellers. Anni has a unique ability to identify opportunities for enhancement and implement solutions that positively impact revenue streams.

Jordan Shaheen

Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations

At only 29 years old, Jordan has a breadth of operational experience and is passionate about giving back to the community through knowledge-sharing and collaboration. He is hugely involved with the RevOps community and is always happy to help out or discuss operational challenges.

Catch Jordan speaking at our Revenue Operations Summit in New York this March.

Shantanu Shekhar

Senior Director, GTM Operations

Shantanu strategically drives GTM at Gong and isn’t afraid to jump in and get his hands dirty. He has been described as having “mastered the revenue operations field” and spreads awareness of the value of RevOps far and wide.

Shantanu is raising the next generation of revenue operations talent and is a “top speaker in the domain.”

Jeremy Steinbring


Jeremy has almost a decade's worth of experience in customer success, CRM maintenance, and revenue operations. He is described as having “a big heart” and an unmatched willingness to help others. He mentors and gives back to the community through RevOps and posts extremely useful content.

Michael Tiang

VP of Revenue Operations

Michael is a strategic revenue operations leader with global experience across industries. Currently based in London, he is described as “selfless in offering his time and expert advice to others in RevOps,” and regularly shares his knowledge with the revenue operations community at industry events.

Laura Wheeler


Laura has a world of operations and enablement experience which allows her to successfully bring cross-functional departments together. She has been described as being “at the forefront of thinking in the RevOps space.”

Laura truly cares about elevating others’ careers and giving back to the revenue operations community through mentorship and speaking engagements.

A huge congratulations to our RevOps marvels – keep inspiring! And thank you to all those who voted. Until next time.

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