Colin Veerkamp, Revenue Operations Manager at Hanzo, recently took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) community session, where members of our community banded together to ask Colin their most pressing RevOps questions.

Colin serves as the Head of RevOps at Hanzo and has expertise in developing and implementing sales and revenue management solutions, he excels at leveraging technology, best practices, and collaboration to drive revenue growth.

In addition to his role in RevOps, Colin also oversees marketing and has customer success reporting directly to him. Based in Denver, Colorado, Colin's passion for aligning strategies with results extends beyond his professional role.

In this case study, Colin discusses:

  • How he discovered ROA
  • The value he gained from the ROA community
  • His experience at ROA’s AMA session
  • What he’d say to someone considering joining the ROA Slack community

How Colin find discovered the ROA community

Colin’s likely been a member of our community since the early days, as he told us he doesn’t remember exactly how he discovered ROA’s community.

He suggested that it was likely our presence on social media, where we share RevOps content, news, and events, that made him aware of our growing community.

As Colin mentioned, it was “probably LinkedIn” which allowed him to discover the wonderful RevOps community we’re building.

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The value Colin has gained from the ROA community

Colin told us that “having a forum to ask questions and a chance to expand [his] own voice and thoughts” has been at the heart of the value he has gained from the Revenue Operations Alliance community.

He continues by stating that “a lot of RevOps roles out there are individual contributor roles, which makes upskilling and learning very difficult - you’re in a silo.”

Colin believes that our community allows for valuable “peer-to-peer learning” which is missing from other areas of the revenue operations industry.

Colin also mentioned how the community has helped him to develop his leadership skills as he tackles heading up the RevOps function at his own organization:

“I am getting back into leadership, and in order to do that you need to be able to have a clear voice. Communities like this allow those thoughts to grow organically.”

Colin’s experience at our AMA session

When asked about his experiences at our AMA session, Colin said he enjoyed it, and noted that “the questions asked were very process-oriented, which shows strategic thinking instead of tactical.”

Looks like our community members have impressed Colin with their approach to RevOps! (Not that we’d expect anything else from our community of revenue operations pros. 😉)

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What Colin would say to someone considering joining the ROA Slack community

Colin’s answer to anyone on the fence about joining our Slack community of 1000+ RevOps professionals is simple:

“Do it!”

He elaborates by explaining, “Community is one of the few ways to expand your skill set as a RevOps professional”.

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