While researching for our State of Revenue Operations Report, we caught up with Jordan Shaheen, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations at Candid to discuss how his time as a Revenue Operations Alliance ambassador has gone so far. 

Jordan is an accomplished professional with over five years of experience orchestrating revenue operations and business development. Throughout his career, he has collaborated across departments to develop and sell new products. 

His expertise in revenue planning, market segmentation, and operations is demonstrated in his current leadership role, and is regularly shared within the ROA community Slack.

ROA ambassador, Jordan was keen to share his experiences interacting with our community, focusing on these key points:

How Jordan found the ROA community and first got involved

“I was approached by Jack Debono (Head of ROA), a year ago about speaking at the Revenue Operations Summit in New York earlier this year. 

“Once I started doing research and getting involved with the community, it really just skyrocketed from there

“I love meeting new people in the industry. I love picking people's brains and hearing other people's ways of thinking about different complex problems. 

“As revenue operators, we face many of the same issues, across tonnes of industries, whether it's med, tech, SaaS, or even traditional logistics, all kinds of companies in the startup world are facing very similar problems. 

“So it's great to have that community to run ideas by people, meet new people, and just be able to continue to grow your network and your intellectual toolbox.”

Check out the highlights from Jordan’s panel discussion at our Revenue Operations Summit in New York here.

The value Jordan has gained from the ROA community

“Joining the community has made me respect different approaches, more than I did before. While I don't seek to have the perfect answer, I trusted my gut a lot, being a part of the community has led me to understand that my gut is not always right. 

“My gut is based on my own toolbox, but almost any problem that's ever happened, someone else has faced before. By realizing that, I've been able to seek out resources and talk to experts on the topics or issues I'm facing. 

“It's really enlightened me and broadened my horizons on how to fix complex problems in the industry, without letting my own bias play into it and hurting the ultimate result.” 

Jordan’s experience of being an ROA ambassador

“Being an ambassador has been amazing

“One benefit is getting to be involved with the other ambassadors, getting to chat with them, learn from them, and pick their brains. 

“All the ambassadors are amazingly successful, smart people and individuals, so that's been a great aspect of being an ambassador. 

“It's also allowed me to have an ‘in’ to interact with the entire ROA community. I try to reach out to every member who posts in our #introduction channel. 

“I want to meet them, introduce myself, and see how I can help them. I chat with them and see where they are in their career.

  • Can I learn from them?
  • Can I guide them?
  • Can I offer them some tips and tricks that I have? 

“It's really allowed me to get involved with the community. I've also driven people to the organization, getting them to join because I truly believe there is no revenue operations community out there quite like ROA. 

“It's an honor to be part of it, and I love to continue driving people to the ROA community so that they can benefit in the same ways I have.”

What Jordan would say to someone considering joining the Slack community

“Just join! 

“Don't worry about anything, just sign up

“Even if you're a quiet in-the-corner observer, once you start to see how friendly people are and you start to see the amazing content that comes up in conferences, virtual webinars, blogs, case studies, you will feel increasingly comfortable with it. 

“Whether you dive in headfirst and start immersing yourself entirely, or take a slow calculated approach, you will become immersed in the greatness that the community has to offer.

“You can find value in a variety of ways depending on how you learn and what you're looking for. 

“There really is something for everyone.”

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