“The two-day Revenue Operations Summit was a transformative experience, seamlessly blending insightful sessions and practical workshops to provide an unparalleled opportunity for learning and networking.” 

Nikolai Podvolotski, GTM Operations Analyst at CyberCube, travelled from Estonia to attend our Revenue Operations Summit in London last year, alongside his London-based team. 

We caught up with Nik to find out more about his experience attending the summit. 

Nik is an experienced and enthusiastic team leader with exceptional interpersonal and motivational abilities and is prepared to significantly contribute to CyberCube’s company’s goals. He prides himself on taking command of an operation or project and then guiding it to new performance levels.

The discussion centered around these key topics:

How Nik discovered the Revenue Operations Summit in London

Nik’s team at CyberCube were “internally thinking about how we can optimize all our processes.” When they realized “we are not the only ones in the market who struggle to find new solutions”. Around the same time, they discovered the Revenue Operations Summit in London, Nik continues: 

“Most of my team members are London-based, so we decided to participate.

“To be honest, the Revenue Operations Summit was super insightful, and a really great event. We’re hopefully going to attend again next year.” 

The value Nik gained from attending the event

“I think the most important thing is I realized we aren’t the only small RevOps team. 

“Because RevOps is not as old as other departments and it's been historically under C-suite or leadership level shoulders and evolved from bigger companies having their analytics to being a dedicated department. The nice thing was to listen to people and understand what challenges they have.

“Being in the room with 50+ individuals who are literally in the same situation as you was great. 

“The event did a great job in bringing different people from different regions in Europe, and also from different industries and company sizes - which is vastly important. 

“It was really interesting to listen to a presenter whose RevOps department includes around 1500 people. Which is insane, when there are just the three of us, and we're trying to basically do the same things. So, on the scale, it feels different, but it's actually the same, just there are more people focused on dedicated areas.” 

The event also gave Nik “a long-term vision of how my career can grow.” 

After checking the jam-packed agenda, Nik wasn’t sure how much networking he would be able to fit in. Luckily, he soon discovered lots of opportunities to connect with speakers and attendees of the event. He elaborated: 

“Everyone attending was super nice. I met a lot of different people, which was great.”

The benefit of attending the Revenue Operations Summit as a team

“The timing was good for us because our calendar year ends in December. So, we were wrapping up what happened this year and putting together some plans for next year.” 

Nik continued by mentioning how the ideas from this event will help to inform his team’s planning and implementation for next year, including their tech stack: 

“We met different vendors during the breaks, and we’re still having demos, to understand the different kinds of potential implementations for next year. 

“Since we were all at the event together, we could spread out. There were some demos that we participated in together, but there were some I took the charge on or my colleagues the charge on. And we had the opportunity to engage with different people, gather the data, and then share it internally afterward.”

Nik’s key takeaway from the summit

Nik starts by saying a key takeaway is that he’d “definitely like to participate more in events like the Revenue Operations Summit.”

Another key takeaway Nik mentioned was the realization that revenue operations communities exist and can help him further his knowledge. 

“I work closely with engineers, and they have a big community, all around the world. So I would say that the key takeaway is that there are people with the same positions, roles, and challenges as me and my team.” 

The benefit of attending in-person events

“It's an opportunity to understand and discuss the tools everyone is using and what was a game changer for them. 

“Most of the tools, we knew already, but there were some that we’d never heard of. And those are actually really good tools. The RevTech environment is always evolving and growing, so we could add those new tools to our list to compare.

“It’s also a way to understand the when and how of the RevOps strategy overall.” 

Nik expressed that it was important to have insights into how other organizations run their RevOps initiatives and strategies, especially in contexts his company hasn’t faced yet.

“For example, to have insights into how one company acquired another one. What are the key challenges they have? And what they did do to prevent that? And how they managed to change based on what's happening on the market.

“I would say overall, gathering insights and understanding if we are at the right performance level, or if maybe we need to add something more.”

What Nik would say to someone considering attending a Revenue Operations Summit

“Be open, and go for it.”

Nik continues:

“I participate in many different events, and I really enjoyed the summit in London. I'm definitely going to ask my company to organize attending another Revenue Operations Summit because it's insightful and interesting.

“I now feel energized and motivated for the next year.” 

Feeling motivated to attend our next summit?

In 2024, the Revenue Operations Summit is coming to a city near you.

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