Christian Palmer, Global Revenue Enablement Manager at Riskified, discusses the importance of RevOps and enablement functions working together to train and empower sales teams.

About our guest, Christian Palmer

With a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, a Master's in Education, and various experiences in differing industries, Christian's career interests and aspirations have changed over the last decade. Although his roles and responsibilities have changed, one thing has remained the same: developing and working with people.

People have been at the forefront of all Christian's endeavors whether educational, personal, or professional. Starting in the hospitality industry, he sold food to guests (something we all need). Next, he represented Apple in a retail environment by demonstrating and offering services/products. Transitioning to the recruitment industry, Christian linked the best talent to the right opportunities, while recruiting, and later developed junior and experienced consultants to achieve success through a variety of blended learning solutions.

Christian's sales training experience was developed further when he led the onboarding, development, and sales efforts of ride-hailing, real estate, and financial SaaS startups. Whether it was working as an individual contributor, leading people, or supporting in enablement and operational capacities - Christian's always put his all into building relationships with his teammates. Currently, he drives delivery and coaching on Riskified's global enablement team!

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About our host, Sandy Robinson

Sandy is SVP of Revenue Operations at Patra Corporation, a revenue operations enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, revenue, operations and revenue enablement.

Throughout her career, she's seen how revenue operations can make or break a company, and is excited to share her knowledge and insights with you.

In each episode, she'll be talking with a revenue operations practitioner who will share their unique perspective on how they've transformed their revenue operations.

She'll dive deep into their processes, challenges and success stories to give you an inside look into the world of revenue operations.

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