John Hunt, Head of Revenue Enablement at Zappi, is a familiar face across ROA’s events, in-person and online. John, one of ROA’s ambassadors, recently spoke at a virtual panel discussion and hosted an in-person meetup in Boston.

John is passionate about process, people, and enablement. After a decade and a half of selling and leading sales teams, he pivoted to his “true calling”, enablement. He consistently challenges the status quo with outside-the-box thinking, training and enablement of revenue teams at Zappi.

In this case study, John discusses:

How John heard about ROA and first got involved

“I originally joined the Revenue Operations Alliance in early 2023 - I was referred to the community by a colleague who had been a member previously and she thought I might find some value.

“Since joining, I've connected with a bunch of like-minded folks, both asynchronously and in person, which has been really, really good.

“I became a brand ambassador in the spring of 2023 and hosted the first meetup in the local chapter in Boston in June, which was really, really fun.”

The value John gained from the ROA community

“I got to meet with a couple of folks [at the Boston meet-up], we chatted about ideas. And although it was small and scrappy - it was actually really, really nice.

“We've been able to do this in a virtual world for some time, but the in-person meetups are really important as well.”

John’s experience speaking at ROA’s panel discussion

“I was asked to join the panel discussion and we had so much fun.

“I met with two gentlemen named Max and Greg who had different, but not completely different backgrounds from myself.

“And we just engaged on different topics live, which was really fun.

“It was the first live webinar that I had ever been a part of in my capacity as a revenue operations professional. It was super fun and Harshil (ROA’s community manager) made the process easy.”

John’s experiences as an ambassador for ROA

“Being an ambassador, is really good because I've not been in RevOps for my entire life. I was in sales for about 15 years before making the transition.

“It's a good way to really network and, and try to learn from others that have more experience than me or just sometimes different experiences, which is really, really fun.”

What John would say to someone considering joining the ROA Slack community

“I'd say if you're considering joining the Slack community either reach out to myself or one of the community leaders and don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

“I think it's really important, especially in this kind of virtual-first world, that you're connecting with people not just in your office or in your very, very small local community, but also around the world.

“It’s great to be able to engage with folks like that, and you get out of it what you put into it.

“If you want to respond to threads or troubleshoot things, I've even hopped on a call with a couple of people that, again, I've only met from the Slack community.

“And it's been really fun and engaging, so I encourage others to join.”

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