On this episode of RevOps Unboxed, José Almaraz Reséndez, Sales Operations Senior Manager, Systems and Tools at LinkedIn, discusses the revenue operations systems that underpin LinkedIn's growth.

About our guest, José Almaraz Reséndez

José is a Sales Operations leader at LinkedIn, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his tenure at LinkedIn, he's built teams and led projects to define the Go-To-Market strategy, handle the operational cadence of the business, and provide data and insights to drive business decisions.

José leads a team that's developing internal tools to simplify and improve forecasting and planning processes. Prior to his current role, José worked at McKinsey and had a summer stint at Rappi (then a Series A startup).

In his free time, José enjoys spending time with his family (wife, son, dog), weightlifting in his garage, going on walks, traveling, and occasionally watching sports.

You can follow José on LinkedIn here.

About our host, Sandy Robinson

Sandy is SVP of Revenue Operations at Patra Corporation, a revenue operations enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, revenue, operations, and revenue enablement.

Throughout her career, she's seen how revenue operations can make or break a company and is excited to share her knowledge and insights with you.

In each episode, she'll be talking with a revenue operations practitioner who will share their unique perspective on how they've transformed their revenue operations strategy.

She'll dive deep into their processes, challenges, and success stories to give you an inside look into the ever-changing world of revenue operations.

You can follow Sandy on LinkedIn here.

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