In this episode of RevOps Unboxed, Tina Wung, VP of Growth Marketing and Revenue at Nisum, discusses why alignment between your sales and marketing teams is crucial to growing your revenue streams.

About our guest, Tina Wung

20+ years in growth companies and blue-chip Consumer Packaged Goods companies, at the intersection of brand, digital innovation, and emerging technology.

Tina Wung is a seasoned brand marketer now building growth marketing and demand generation organizations in fast-growing technology companies in Silicon Valley. She has leadership experience at companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to startups. For the past 2 decades, she has helped steward some of the world’s most iconic brands at top consumer goods companies - Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), Mondelez International, MillerCoors, KraftHeinz, Kellogg, and P&G.

As one of the first members of ABInBev’s inaugural Digital Innovation team in Silicon Valley, Tina has established strong partnerships with cutting-edge technology companies, ranging from startups to tech giants. She has led ABInBev’s consumer marketing testing and integration of new technologies, such as virtual reality, voice recognition, on-demand delivery, app and web platform development, personalized media, and big data.

Tina is also part of the founding corporate innovation community in Silicon Valley, helping to shape how large corporations create transformative innovative cultures in-house and work effectively with the entrepreneurial community.

Now, as Global Vice President of Growth Marketing and Revenue for Nisum, a leading technology consulting firm, she helps bring business and human impact through technology transformation for the captains of industry.

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About our host, Sandy Robinson

Sandy is SVP of Revenue Operations at Patra Corporation, a revenue operations enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, revenue, operations, and revenue enablement.

Throughout her career, she's seen how revenue operations can make or break a company and is excited to share her knowledge and insights with you.

In each episode, she'll be talking with a revenue operations practitioner who will share their unique perspective on how they've transformed their revenue operations strategy.

She'll dive deep into their processes, challenges, and success stories to give you an inside look into the ever-changing world of revenue operations.

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