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Stop wondering if your earnings are in line with your workload. Find out exactly how much your peers are paid. 🤑

As the RevOps career path grows, it isn’t always clear what compensation looks like across the industry.

This report aims to create visibility around salary and compensation within revenue operations roles worldwide.

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We're proud to present our first-ever Revenue Operations Salary Report. 🎉

What’s inside?

A digital doc with all the answers you need to:

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💸 Ensure you’re properly compensated for your hard work.

⚖️ Keep your pay in line with the weight of your responsibilities.

A sneak peek into our findings...

  • The difference in average salary between male and female respondents is $14,224.21, with male respondents earning more.
  • Among our respondents, those who work alone earn $5,934.85 less than the average salary.
  • RevOps professionals with no managerial responsibilities earn $16,380.56 less than the average salary.
  • 76.92% of RevOps pros receive a yearly bonus.
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The report also features expert insights into the RevOps job market, including topics such as salary transparency, diversity, and layoffs.

Jeremy Steinbring, Founder at RevOnyx

Jordan Shaheen, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations at Candid

Tana Jackson, Global Director of Revenue Operations at Chronicle Heritage

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