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“I've found that Revenue Operations Alliance is a valuable resource for me and my entire team. The content is always up-to-date and relevant, and the community is a great place to connect with other revenue leaders and learn from their experiences.”

- Karli Brophy, Senior Manager, RevOps Processes at HST Pathways.

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“Since joining ROA’s community, I've connected with a bunch of like-minded folks, both asynchronously and in person, which has been really good. It's a good way to network and learn from others that have more experience than me or sometimes just different experiences, which is super fun.” 

- John Hunt, Head of Revenue Enablement at Zappi.

“As revenue operators, we face many of the same issues, across tonnes of industries; all kinds of companies in the startup world are facing very similar problems. So it's great to have the ROA community to run ideas by people, meet new people, and just be able to continue to grow your network and your intellectual toolbox.” 

- Jordan Shaheen, Head of Revenue Strategy and Operations at Candid.