State of Revenue Operations 2023 Survey


Welcome to the State of Revenue Operations survey - we need your help to gather intel into the RevOps industry as it stands in 2023.

Have your say about key trends in the revenue operations industry such as responsibilities, tech stacks, metrics, and more! Plus pass on your key insights to other RevOps pros.

Our aim?

Create a clear picture of the state of the revenue operations industry right now.

This is a report informed by RevOps professionals for RevOps professionals. Allowing you to compare and contrast your experiences with professionals across the industry.

Take the survey now and we’ll email you the report when it’s ready!

The final report will provide a full view of the revenue operations function including:

✍️ Roles and responsibilities

🔢 Team size

📈 Metrics and KPIs

💻 Tech stacks

📚 L&D

🤖 Future of RevOps

…and much more!

Help us help you - take the survey and discover up-to-date industry trends in revenue operations!