How does Salesforce Integration fuel RevOps growth at different scale levels?


Missed Joe Aurilia, Jr; exciting webinar on using Salesforce integrations to fuel RevOps growth - across different scale levels?

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Discover the magic behind Salesforce integrations, learn to extract their full potential, and drive remarkable growth for your RevOps team - across any maturity level.

In this webinar, Joe shared his invaluable insights and experiences gained from years of successfully implementing Salesforce integration strategies. πŸ”₯

What he dived into during the webinar:πŸ‘‡

1. Getting started with Salesforce integration:

  • Considerations for starting from scratch.
  • Salesforce vs. the alternatives
  • How to lay out your world
  • Early data management and consistent process re-definement
  • Effective structuring of your integration.
  • Living in a multi-region sales environment with security and data segmentation policies

2. Inheriting Salesforce

  • Information discovery
  • Uncovering automation
  • Lay of the land
  • Enhance but don’t break more than you fix
  • Sandbox is your friend

3. Salesforce as an enterprise platform

  • Center of the Revenue team
  • Database of record
  • Integration hub

Watch the recording here: πŸ‘‡

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