CRO and sales leader outlook report 2024/25 [eBook]

750+ sales leaders share their outlook on revenue intelligence tools, forecasting, quota attainment, seller productivity, AI, and more.

It's time to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of what’s happening in the sales world.

We’re taking a look at how different companies and sales leaders are doing, the tools they’re using, and what’s at the top of their top-do lists.

Courtesy of Mindtickle, the 2024/25 Outlook survey presents a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape within the sales domain.👇

Key takeaways:

  • Get insights from leaders to future-proof your revenue enablement & sales productivity plans for 2024. 
  • Identify key areas including strategic priorities, deal outlook, sales enablement, AI integration, and more.
  • Explore the practices, challenges, and technological trends influencing Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) and sales leaders.